Reputation & Communications Strategy

Reputations take a lifetime to build and a second to tear down. If you need to grow your brand presence, build or repair a reputation, or communicate to a variety of audiences, we can develop a strategy to meet your organization's goals. A comprehensive, multi-stakeholder strategy can improve your reputation with a variety of stakeholders and make you a preferred partner.


Global Stakeholder Engagement


Engaging with governments and various stakeholders can be daunting. How do you find the right contact, what's the proper protocol, what’s the proper message? With a strong global network and hands-on commitment, we can help you make the right connections to entities that help to drive your mission forward and follow through to results.


Crisis & Change Management / Communications

There are two things every organization experiences: crisis and change. Both require specific leadership and skills that may not be inherent in an organization. Successful change management is only possible through planning and communication at the appropriate time. Alternatively, a crisis rarely provides planning time. But proactive preparation, proven processes and tools, and depth of experience helps to maneuver a challenging situation effectively.  Our experience in both areas is broad enough to provide the services you need and deep enough to help you develop a winning strategy.

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SpheroL is a boutique global consulting firm that helps your organization develop strategy, make the right contacts and get noticed.

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